Qigong Exercise for Chronic Neck Pain

Have you ever been stuck in solving a problem because you believed that there was only one “right” way? Very often we defensively align ourselves with one particular paradigm or method only to come up short when it comes to a complete solution. For example, some people completely denounce alternative BodyMind methods while others would rather become violently ill than ingest pharmaceuticals. Even within this framework, neither is completely right or wrong; however, once in a while we may find that combining apparently opposite modalities may actually lead to a more “wholistic” solution.

A recent study compared exercise therapy to Qigong as treatment modalities for patients with chronic neck pain. The study revealed that both groups showed improvements via different mechanisms. While the exercise therapy group reported improved awareness of postural alignment and ability to relax key muscles, the Qigong group noted feeling more calm and emotionally balanced resulting in better social relationships and work situations.

At the IRQTC we have specifically designed programs to bridge the worlds of Western rehab knowledge and Eastern Qigong wisdom. If you would like to learn more about combining both exercise therapy and Qigong to relieve chronic neck pain, then check out this week’s IRQTC training tips video right HERE!

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