Why touch is the brain express.

Welcome to this month’s IRQTC training tips newsletter where we are talking about Qigong’s “forgotten basket”, self-massage.  Qigong is actually comprised of four baskets of practice: movement, breathing, meditation, and self-massage.  While the first three baskets seem to get lots of attention, self-massage has more than earned the right to stand in line with its peers. One of my personal favorite self-massage techniques is tapping.

The skin is the connecting medium between our physical selves and the external environment.  Filled with sensitive and complex receiving devices, the skin functionally acts as the outer covering of the brain and in fact they both arise from the same embryological layer, the ectoderm.  Tapping and self-massage have the profound capacity to influence our central nervous system towards homeostasis.
To learn more about meridian tapping and an incredible story about how I used it just yesterday to help a client eliminate back pain, click on the video link.

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