Sitting & Stepping Tai Chi

Sitting your way to better balance?…more Tai Chi evidence to sit with.

Thank you for joining us again for this months IRQTC training tips newsletter. A recent study found that Community-Dwelling Persons with Spinal Cord Injuries who practice Tai Chi “achieved significant improvements in their reaction time; maximum excursion; and directional control in the limits of stability test after training.” Research of this sort continues to encourage us that Tai Chi is both effective and can be practiced with diverse patient populations in meaningful ways.

The Rehabilitative Qigong & Tai Chi system is progressive in nature and therefore uses sitting Tai Chi as a foundational building block for upright practice. Varying sitting positions and surfaces allows us to further specify our progressions and challenge our clients in appropriate ways. For more ideas on changing up your seated Tai Chi practice pull up a ball, sit down, and follow along.

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