Resiliency & Spring Force

Do you know the Easter Bunny’s Secret….to jumping over mountains and rivers?

Hello and welcome to this month’s IRQTC training tips newsletter. Thank you to all who responded to last month’s Sitting & Stepping training newsletter, especially Janet Staples who is excited to employ these techniques while teaching a new class at an assisted living facility. Congratulations Janet!

This month we answer one of the most pondered questions in human history.

“Just how does the Easter Bunny travel all around the world in one night?”

While we have researched various scenarios like chocolate espresso beans and vitamin D fortified Peeps, it turns out that it has something to do with his legs. Go figure!

The concept of “yielding” or spring force is central to Tai Chi practice and enhances one’s ability to transfer forces from the ground up through the body. Spring force is correlated to kinetic energy stored in musculotendinous systems, which is accessed through stretch/contraction cycles. In order to take advantage of this kinesiology principle joints must remain supple and relaxed for maximal energy transfer.

Applying this principle in real life protects joint structures, enhances functional efficiency, and feels wonderful! To get the most out of your legs, just click on the video below.

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