Rehabilitative Tai Chi Balance Enhancement Specialist Training is NOW!

Do you value highly personalized attention and high end results?

This year’s Rehabilitative Tai Chi Balance Enhancement Specialist Training (BEST) is a one of a kind, small group training, at a quiet retreat center in the mountains of western Massachusetts. Participants will enjoy a very low student to teacher ratio and highly personalized attention, resulting in more skills, knowledge, and motivation than can be attained from a larger training. BEST 2016 is a unique opportunity for customized learning and will not happen like this again.

Whether rehabilitation professional or Tai Chi teacher, if you are ready to up-level your scientific understanding and application of Tai Chi for Balance Enhancement in order to realize more successful outcomes in both the clinic and classes, then there is no better time than now. Join other BEST participants in this Tai Chi immersion where they will experience learning in a beautiful, relaxed, and deeply enriching environment.

If you value personalized attention in learning, high access to experienced instructors, and building close relationships with other professionals then don’t wait! The training happens in just 2 weeks so sign up for BEST today!

Be well!