Lori is a Physical Therapist who works part time in inpatient rehab and is the newest member of a cash based practice, To Life! Fitness, where professionals have a passion for helping older adults to age safely, strongly, and confidently in place. To Life! Fitness believes that everyone should continue to exercise regardless of their age, ability or past medical history. Lucky Lori gets to do Tai Chi one-on-one in the comforts of her clients’ homes. Lori is excited to use her advanced training in Tai Chi for Rehabilitation to help her clients achieve their goals.

The IRQTC sat down with Lori to find out more about how RQTC has influenced her life and work.

IRQTC: Lori, how does using RQTC help you provide your clients/patients with exceptional quality of service?

LK: After taking the Fundamentals course, I am now prepared to educate my patients and clients properly on why it helps! In what I learned just about breathing and posture, I am able to help even the lowest level of patients in the inpatient rehab setting.

IRQTC: Do you find using RQTC in your work helps you prevent burnout, frustration and stress?

LK: Yes! I no longer let the little things about my day bother me as much as they did before.
Also, I made so many great connections through the RQTC that I am now motivated to pursue a career that will provide me with what I hope is a very low stress environment.
When you can do what you love stress is less of an issue!

IRQTC: Tell us about your family.

LK: My husband and I have been married 6 years. We have a boy that is 4 and a daughter that is 2 1/2.

IRQTC: Does being a holistic therapist help you be a better parent or spouse?

LK: Of course! It has helped me to become more centered when life gets crazy. Sometimes it is so easy to let life consume you, but taking even a minute to concentrate on breathing helps you relax and not overreact. We all have our moments when we act in a way we aren’t proud of, but I am finding those moments are becoming less and less.

After having kids, I struggled with returning to work. I love being a Physical Therapist, but something was missing. I no longer had the excitement and passion I had when I first started my career. Learning Tai Chi has renewed that passion and I look forward to continuing learning as much as I can about being a holistic therapist through the RQTC.

IRQTC: That’s great! Would you tell us how using RQTC has helped you succeed in your current practice setting and how it will support the success of your new business adventure this year?

LK: As I begin my journey with To Life! Fitness this upcoming year, I look forward to providing patients with the one-on-one holistic care I believe they deserve.

I will also continue to teach Tai Chi classes with the new knowledge I learned through the RQTC and be better able to expand on why Tai Chi has so many health benefits.

I truly believe in treating patients as a whole because they must be in the right place mentally before they can even begin to work on the physical aspect.

I am beyond excited about starting my new career this year where I can treat in an environment that focuses solely on the patient without the constraints of insurance.
My passion has always been geriatrics and wellness and I finally have the motivation to pursue that because of the RQTC.

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