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Welcome to this month’s IRQTC training tips newsletter and thank you for all the comments on last month’s “Sensing Hands” training.

This month we explore Qigong for clients who spend much of their time in bed or supine positions. Supine Qigong is actually one part of the complete Tai Chi curriculum according to Yang Yang Ph.D., Tai Chi expert and author of “Taiji Quan: The Art of Nurturing and the Science of Power”. Additional components include seated and standing meditation, form practice, and push hands.

Clients in bed can benefit from alignment, breath, and movement practices to enhance strength, ROM, and functional abilities. Supine Qigong can also help reset neuromuscular thresholds to reduce pain and muscle spasm.

To learn more about using Supine Qigong in your rehabilitation practice just click on the short training tips video.

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