Would you like to have a thriving, sustainable practice that earns you plenty of money so you can earn a living LIVING? 

We want that for you too. And that is why we’ve developed the IRQTC Business Center. Let us teach you everything that we learned to create a thriving multiple six figure holistic healing practice in a tiny town (with just over 2,000 year round residents!)

Whether you are just starting out, or you started and need to earn more money to make your business thrive, the IRQTC has everything you need. Not only can we tell you WHAT to do, but we can help you organize your time and resources efficiently so you don’t waste a bunch of time trying to figure out how to do this on your own.

Most holistic practitioners have no experience actually running a business. And even if you are coming from a business background, running your OWN business is a totally different story. We’ve been in private practice for over 10 years and can teach you the tried and true methods to do it right the first time so you don’t waste your time (and money) trying to figure it out on your own.

People will often tell us, “I don’t know why I waited so long to get help growing my business!” and we don’t want you to wait another second.

Here’s how we can help you.

Virtual Programs:

The IRQTC Business Center is home to a virtual product library that will teach you everything you need to know to grow your business. Buy them one at a time, or save money and buy the whole bundle so you can have access to ALL of our knowledge for the lifetime of the IRQTC. Not only that, any time we update a program, you automatically get the upgrades.




Virtual Courses Include:

Want them all? That’s a smart move.

Not only will you know everything there is to know, you are also going to save! When you become a member of the IRQTC business center you will get all of the courses listed above and be invited to be a part of the IRQTC Professional Network Mastermind Facebook Group where you will get to ask questions of us and other holistic practitioners growing their businesses. Community collaboration in the key to success.

I don’t want to waste time or money.
I want to join the IRQTC Business Center.

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(If you are interested in purchasing the courses individually- simply click on the courses listed above.)


Personalized Business Audit:

Just need a quick fix?

If you need some help and you want to get expert advice fast and efficiently, have an IRQTC business audit and we’ll help you discover the number one solution to your business problem and the strategy you need to get it turned around on a dime. Got a cash problem, a client retention problem or maybe you are hosting a special event and want to make sure it’s a lucrative opportunity- we can help. Have a business audit and you’ve got 24 years of combined private practice experience waiting at your fingertips. Exploit us!


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VIP Strategy Intensive:

If you want personalized help creating offerings that clients will love and getting 1:1 personalized marketing support, the VIP intensive is for you. Spend a half day getting to the bottom of everything you need to know and coming up with a customized implementation plan. Want to do it all and do it fast? The VIP strategy intensive is for you.

*VIP strategy sessions come with complimentary access to the complete IRQTC Business Center Library*



Click here to apply for a VIP Strategy Intensive.

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What do clients have to say about working with us? 

“It has always been a delight to work with Brian & Ani.  They strive for your success just as much as their own and come with open-hearted business savvy.  They are truly unique in how they approach business and believe that all of who we are makes up our ability to be successful.  It’s a gift to look at every part of your life and be able to shift & change to make you and your business thrive.  This is a dynamite team!”


-Melissa Maki, Summit Acupuncture


“Ani is a true gift! Our sessions together were magnificently powerful and transformational on all levels of existence. I honestly have come into my own power with tremendous love, understanding and acceptance of who I am, where I’m going and how to fully take physical steps for my practice to thrive and grow as its meant to be. Ani gave me strength along with all the business skills to really help me create and manifest my hearts work.  She is an Angel on earth. I’m so grateful she is using her gifts to help facilitate others in their work. “

Lucia Voorhies, Ancient Roots Massage & Wellness

“I am almost 50 yrs old and I have spent my whole life being fearful of social interaction.  I was afraid of doing or saying something ‘bad’, afraid that people would be angry with me or be offended. I had a breakthrough during my second session with Ani that freed me of my fears, I really can’t believe that this could happen so quickly after all of these years of suffering! But it did and my life is so much easier and joyful, I feel truly blessed.”


-Karen Waters, Nourishing Touch Massage

Clients are just WAITING to work with you!

Build your holistic practice today.


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