How can you create a six-figure holistic practice?

You can do it by getting started with our Savvy Entrepreneur’s Blueprint!  It will help you to make a living doing the holistic modalities that you love while making a difference in people’s lives. This blueprint will show you how to set up a solid foundation for a thriving and sustainable business. This 8 part audio series highlights everything from how to answer your phone to how to get your clients to come back and see you over and over again. Whether you’re just setting up your practice or you’re ready to start actually making money, this blueprint will give you the building blocks necessary to be successful!  This is the perfect way to kickstart your business…and the IRQTC Business Center will guide you along the way!

We’ll even share our #1 tip with you right now…

What’s included in the Entrepreneur’s Blueprint:

  • Everything you need to know to set up a space for your private sessions and classes
  • How to set the tone and mood for your sessions so clients trust you and want to refer their friends
  • Best practices from texting to business cards
  • How to get referrals and network with other practitioners
  • How to market your practice so you’re not wasting a bunch of time and energy
  • How to take care of your clients like a pro
  • The psychology of why people might not come back- even if they love your work!
  • Trade secrets (the things you wouldn’t even think about until they happen): we’ll tell you ahead of time.

We’ll also provide you with:

  • our “Get Ready” Checklist
  • “Setting up your Space” Checklist
  • “Create Your Flow” Worksheet
  • “Marketing 101” Checklist
  • a guide to Take Care of Your Clients Like a Pro
  • Reasons They Don’t Come Back
  • Re-booking Script:  how to talk to your clients to ensure success
  • “Welcome a New Client” Script
  • Intake Evaluation
  • Class Intake and Release Form
  • Class Registration Form
  • Resources List

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