Why not make an easy $1000 this month and host a workshop?

For most holistic practitioners, workshops are just plain fun. To be able to do what you love for a half or full day with a bunch of engaged and interested clients and watch their transformations? We hardly need reimbursement for that! But workshops are also an incredibly lucrative strategy to use in business both to gain new clients and provide a diversification of services.

In Hosting Successful, Sellout Workshops, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, including providing you a template to use for your workshop content, so you never need to stress that you don’t know how to run a workshop again.

What’s included in the Sellout Workshops Program:

  • The When/Where/How’s that you need to know to plan and implement a workshop that feels good for you and your client’s.
  • Our template for successful 3-hour workshops so you can simply “plop” in your content and don’t need to struggle with the curriculum.
  • How to create successful marketing materials, including our unique perspective that will make sure you don’t waste a bunch of time marketing in ways that do not lead to a sold-out workshop.
  • Step-by-step how to prepare and run your workshop as well as easy strategies to get clients re-booked into your existing programs.
  • BONUS feature: How to create a Facebook Event
  • BONUS feature: How to create images for social media and flyers the easy way.
  • BONUS feature: How to create a quick logo for your business.