Would you like to make your marketing as easy as a conversation at a coffee shop?

Even if you have the most beautiful website, stunning business cards, natural holistic skills, and gorgeous treatment space… if you can’t have conversations that easily help people become clients, you will work WAY harder than you have to.

A local practitioner CAN have fancy marketing material (because hey, it’s fun!) but you don’t need any of it if you know how to have a special kind of conversation that helps someone say YES to working with you. These conversations work no matter what you are selling  (private sessions, classes or workshops) and no matter what the price. Your ability to help people depends on your ability to gain new clients. And your capacity to help people understand how you can help them actually has very little with you giving them a lecture on what you do (that can be a bad idea as a matter of fact).

This is a skill that people with large businesses use but holistic practitioners don’t even consider. Be a super smart, savvy holistic practitioner and gain new clients just as easy as you order a latte!

What’s included in the Conversations to Clients Program:

  • Psychology of transformational conversations. As transformational practitioner’s why would we want to have anything less!
  • How to do the dreaded “ask for the sale” without feeling “salesy”.
  • How to confidently help people who really need your services (and want it!) but are struggling to say YES because they are not used to advocating for their own best interest.
  • Our unique system for having conversations that lead to bookings.
  • Demonstration of a sample conversations so that you have success implementing this strategy right away.