Welcome to this month’s IRQTC training tips newsletter where we take a moment to focus on a simple technique to relieve and re-pattern somatic pain. Before we begin, however, a heartfelt thank you to all of the IRQTC community who have been so engaged this past month with emails and enrollments supporting our training newsletters, First Aid for Backs program, and Eliminate Pain e-Course. We feel so fortunate to be part of a community of forward thinking rehabilitation professionals dedicated to bringing bodymind methods into their practices and life.

Ever notice how someone’s breathing changes when they experience pain? Let’s recall that pain is “output” or an experience your brain creates when the summation of its input equals threat. According to David Butler and Lorimer Moseley in their book Explain Pain the periphery has only four types of sensors: mechanical, chemical, temperature, and nocioceptive. There are no “pain” sensors in the body! So how does the brain create an experience of pain and what can we do about it? For more details and an effective way to naturally “blow away” pain, simply watch the video above.

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