HEAL It NOW: How to use Natural Law
to Spontaneously Heal the Physical Body

Audio Course (5 sessions)


Are you feeling stuck and frustrated about your healing process?

Are you struggling with pain, tension, anxiety, and depression?

Would you like to learn the secrets to healing with ease?

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The natural world operates precisely in accordance with a set of universal laws. Nothing escapes these laws and everything, including humans, are included in their governance. Understanding and acting in alignment with these natural laws causes success in all areas of life and, when applied appropriately, stimulates spontaneous healing in the physical body. If you want to know the secrets to healing faster and more completely, then this easy to access and, transformational audio course is for you!

Join Brian Trzaskos PT LMT CSCS CMP MI-C, co-creator of the Practical Alchemist method and founder of the Institute for Rehabilitative Qigong & Tai Chi for this inspiring course, focused on revealing the hidden elements in your life that will set spontaneous physical healing in motion.

Course Details:

  • Five, 90 minute highly illuminating and downloadable audio sessions
  • Includes weekly topic summaries and worksheets
  • The entire program is yours to keep and access anytime you want!
  • Future program updates are free!

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Session 1:  Natural Law & Subconscious Conditioning

Learn the basics of natural law and exactly how your subconscious is programmed from a very early age, as well as how these hidden factors affect your body’s ability to heal itself.

Session 2:  Law of Vibration & BodyMind Physiology

Discover the foundational science of vibration in the human body and how information is conducted across the bodymind bridge to either speed up or slow down natural healing processes.

Session 3:  Laws of Polarity & Relativity

Uncover hidden blind spots in your thoughts and emotions that keep you stuck, frustrated, and in pain. You can’t change what you can’t see!

Session 4:  Laws of Rhythm, Gender, & Cause and Effect

Understand exactly why your life looks like it does, and how to begin changing what you don’t like with ease.

Session 5:  The HEAL It Now process

Transform your life with a daily process and practical road map for spontaneously healing your physical body immediately!