copy-of-copy-of-heal-it-now-5Have you ever wondered why some people heal faster than others?  Or why some people have seemingly miraculous recoveries from injuries and disease?

Our bodies function along the line of natural processes and are designed to heal themselves effortlessly.  After over two decades of clinical practice, case reviews, in-depth study of bodymind physiology, and profound personal experiences, I have realized that the physical body consistently heals according to what some people call the “natural laws”.

What is a Natural Law?
What does it have to do with healing the physical body?

A natural law is a consistent, omnipresent, and nonjudgmental process that acts in the natural world.  Like the law of gravity, other natural laws can be readily understood and applied for good in our lives, especially for healing the physical body. Would you like to know why many people struggle to heal and how to leverage natural law to create spontaneous physical healing?



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