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Training Descriptions

Combining Myofascial Release and Functional Core Strengthening (MFR+CS)

This single day course will be packed with bodymind physiology and plenty of hands on practice with both the Qigong for Active Myofascial Release and Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Core & Spine Stability programs.  If you’re interested in holistic strategies for treating pain and immobility, this course sponsored by Summit Professional Education is not to be missed!

Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader Certification (TCEPLT)

This 5-day certification course was designed by the venerable Roger Jahnke OMD, founder of the Institute of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi and author of the Healer Within and the Healing Promise of Qi.  The Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader training is ideal for all levels of experience and is designed to help those who are deeply interested in practicing and sharing self-healing methods.  This certification course is absolutely amazing and will be taught at the world famous Kripalu Center for Health & Yoga!

The Latest Integrative Research and Approaches in the Successful Treatment of Chronic Pain Conditions

This 3-hour live streaming course will laser focus on the new science of pain and integrative, holistic approaches to create powerful shifts in a person’s pain experience.  If you only have time for a quick education tune up this summer, be sure to join us for this one!

Integrative Approaches in the Treatment of Shoulder Pain & Dysfunction

This full day, BRAND NEW live course will dive into Rehabilitative Qigong & Tai Chi specific to the shoulder with a novel combination of Qigong for Myofascial Release with hands on techniques and the Tai Chi for Shoulder Dysfunction form.  If you are hot on holistically fixing shoulder issues then we have two days in North Carolina listed below.  Asheboro is an evening course and Raleigh the standard day schedule.  I will also be joined by a special co-presenter in Raleigh, so check it out!

Level 2: Rehabilitative Tai Chi Balance Enhancement Specialist Training

The Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Balance Enhancement and Improved Functional Outcomes certification course focuses on a comprehensive set of Tai Chi principles including the therapeutic use of mindfulness, functionally progressive form practices, and manual guiding techniques. Following RQTC certifications, students are endowed with a robust philosophy and skill set which allows them to become the BodyMind specialists that naturally radiate healing wherever they go.