Rehabilitative Qigong for Pulmonary Health

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  • Apply powerful mindfulness practices with every client
  • Become an expert in a progressive Rehabilitative Qigong & Tai Chi forms
  • Transform treatment sessions with energetic manual Tai Chi techniques
  • Accelerate personal and professional growth  with other inspired bodymind professionals.
  • Rediscover meaning and purpose in your work as a rehabilitation professional!


Course Description

Pulmonary health conditions adversely affect tens of millions of Americans with financial costs exceeding 50 billion dollars annually. Far beyond the numbers, people suffering with respiratory issues frequently experience physical loss of function, immune compromise, and debilitating anxiety and depression.

In today’s health care climate of reduced payment for services, holistic treatment paradigms focused on people as whole beings and reaffirming the value of human relationships becomes necessary for effective healing.

The ancient practices of Qigong & Tai Chi, which are typified by slow, graceful movements and coordinated breathing have been shown repeatedly in health related research to enhance physical function as well as emotional and psychological wellbeing in people suffering with pulmonary conditions. More than just movement practices however, Qigong & Tai Chi are also steeped in an ancient philosophy advocating balance and harmony in all areas of life.

The Rehabilitative Qigong for Pulmonary Health program focuses on a comprehensive set of core practices including gentle movement, coordinated breathing, mindfulness, and self-massage designed to improve cardiopulmonary status, breathing capacity, physical function and balance, as well as ameliorate chronic disease symptoms.

This Rehabilitative Qigong for Pulmonary Health certification course is intended for rehabilitation professionals including PTA, PT, OTA, OT, RT and Nurses, as well as Qigong & Tai Chi instructors with a focus on bodymind physiology education and multidisciplinary treatment applications through the practices of Qigong & Tai Chi especially as they relate to pulmonary health conditions, balance, and improving chronic disease outcomes. This course includes power point presentation, dynamic lecture, an abundance of practical application, and is open to all levels of experience.


Course Prerequisites



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Certification Requirements include successful completion of;


  • 30 question multiple-choice examination with 70% proficiency
  • Group practicum review demonstrating knowledge of 9 out of 12 RQTC Pulmonary Health treatment principles
  • Student self assessment form
  • Course evaluation


Tuition: $697

Tuition Includes:

  • All lectures and programming
  • Snacks/coffee/tea
  • Course manual
  • Streaming/DVD programs
  • Completion certificate
  • IRQTC website listing

Refund Policy: Full refunds (minus $50 processing fee) are offered up to 60 days prior to training. Tuition is transferable to another qualified student. Cancellations with extenuating circumstances may qualify for credit applied to a future training and are determined on a case basis.


Behavioral Objectives and Course Outline

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