First Aid for Backs

How First Aid for Backs became a method of treatment:

I wouldn’t wish back pain on anyone. Before my discovery of the First Aid for Backs process
I often had felt as helpless in treating other people with their back pain as I did my own.
Now I see my own personal experience with back pain as a great gift
and an opportunity to offer new possibilities to people who are suffering as well.
I knew what happened on the ground that day wasn’t a fluke and was compelled to first,
scientifically explain my successful treatment and second, systemize the process to benefit others.
I can now confidently say that both of these things have been achieved
in what we call the First Aid for Backs program. This program has further blossomed into
an effective system of thinking and moving which has benefited people all over the country.
Construction workers, teachers, desk jockeys, and super moms have all chosen to
return to life faster and more completely after acute back pain.

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