MaryAnne Moisan

Phone: (207) 576-3266

Favorite IRQTC Program:Balance Enhancement

Mary Anne Moisan, MS, PT, OT/L is a physical and occupational therapist with a cumulative 30+ years of clinical experience working in a variety of settings with all different ages. In addition, she has experience teaching occupational therapy in a Master’s of OT program. Her present work as a home health PT has been bolstered by her certifications through the IRQTC.

Currently, Mary Anne is also teaching classes in Midcoast Maine in Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi for Balance Enhancement, Neck and Shoulder Care, and Pulmonary Health. Through continued study and certifications, she plans to expand this aspect of her practice, sharing her clinical skills and expertise in a more holistic setting.

Mary Anne lives and works in coastal Maine with her husband Dan.

Level 2 Certifications in Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi:

  • BEST – Balance Enhancement Specialist Training
  • Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Neck & Shoulders
  • Qigong for Pulmonary Health

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Rehabilitative Qigong for Pulmonary Health
Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Neck and Shoulders
Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Core and Spine Stability
Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Spine and Lower Extremity Dysfunction
Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Balance Enhancement and Falls Prevention
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Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Total Hip Replacement
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