Jeanine Maniscalco Kichura


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Jeanine Maniscalco Kichura BS, PT, DPT was drawn to Tai Chi (IRQTC) to expand her treatment toolbox.

Jeanine is physical therapist who strongly believes in an integrative approach to healing.  She implements techniques including manual therapies (myofascial release), Reiki, therapeutic exercise, and neuromuscular reeducation.

Using a holistic and comprehensive approach she has a history of reaching positive results with complex patients. She aims to provide the best treatment that current research, knowledge and resources allow. Tai Chi has proven effective at helping people to reduce pain and improve balance, strength, function and quality of life.

Jeanine has successfully implemented a unique treatment style incorporating a mindfulness approach to pain management and neural recovery. Tai Chi has been an invaluable tool to help improve treatment outcomes.  It helps to tap into the body’s “rest and digest” nervous system and naturally reduce stress and put the body into its healing “mode”.

Jeanine and her husband live in beautiful Saint Albans, Vermont.

” I am impressed with Tai Chi and the moves. Tai chi has provided the most effective cues for muscle activation to be able to move correctly.”-

“I am feeling great “like a real person” again  with PT intervention including Tai chi and myofascial release” 

“I never thought that coming to PT could make such a big difference. It is really remarkable experiencing the body change. “

” I was honestly skeptical when you suggested Tai Chi. But, now after experiencing it I am feeling so much better. I am less stressed, can move better and have less pain!. I have hope for the first time in a long time!” 

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