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Gilbert W, Wette, M.S., P.T. is a manual and movement therapist licensed in physical therapy.  He graduated with a Master of Science, Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado Health Science Center in 1994.  He has extensive training in manual therapies, currently studying Lowen Systems: Dynamic Manual Interface with Frank Lowen.  For his movement therapy, he draws from his 15 years of studies at The Center for Organismic Studies as well as his training in Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi, Wudang Tai Chi Chuan, and Aikido.

Gil moved to Boulder in 1987, spent a couple of years in Denver before settling in Fort Collins in 2001.  He enjoys cooking and baking, biking, hiking and generally being outdoors.  

Manual Therapy Skills: 

Lowen Systems: Dynamic Manual Interface, which includes the inter-relationships among the Cranial, Visceral, Lymph, Fascial, Circulatory, Hormonal, Neural, Immune, & Skeletomuscular systems.


Undergraduate School: Washington University in St. Louis. Degree: BA, Psychology, 1987

Graduate School: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Degree: MS, PT, 1994

My experience with Gil Wette was wonderful.  In addition to being relieved of the pain in my neck and shoulder and learning the source for my discomfort, I became aware of being able to sit and stand without feeling stressed.  Gil taught me how my body responded to movement and how to alleviate future discomfort.

I highly recommend him for anyone having ANY physical aches and pains.  I truly feel he could assist in alleviating any movement issues or traumas.  I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone open to learning about and relieving their physical selves and issues. Nancy O.

I like how Gil’s approach work on many levels.  It is a gentle and painless way to loosen tight, sore muscles while re-tuning all you other systems.  And I sleep better after a treatment! Suzanne Y.

Gil’s treatments help me to be the best I can be; and, I feel hopeful that I can still improve.  This is the opposite of my experiences over the last 30 year where I have been told:

“There is nothing that can be done”
“Take more medicine”
“You need surgery”
‘You must not be doing something right or you’d feel better”
“Work harder”
Gwynne H.

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