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Are you interested in using Qigong & Tai Chi for holistic healing and total bodymind wellness?


Are you interested in learning how to scientifically apply Qigong & Tai Chi in cutting edge, evidence based rehabilitation?


Are you interested in your department making a quantum leap in evidence based holistic treatment, team cohesion, and productivity?

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Our Philosophy


Far from being a “machine” that must be fixed with chemicals and tools, the human body is intelligently endowed with a powerful self healing capacity which can be consciously stimulated and cultivated for uncommon health and wellness.


The very first thing we do upon birth and the last thing we do before departing is to breathe.  Twenty thousand times each day life enters the body through the breath, with its quality being intricately tied to the quality of our lives.  


Research shows that the body responds in function to what is “seen”, whether the eyes are open or closed.  Vision drives muscular, nervous, and immune system function through both gaze and mental imagery.  Mastering “sight” is mastering life!

A Message From Our Founder

At the IRQTC, we believe in reconnecting the healing arts with physical rehabilitation.  The old notion of the body as a machine is fading away as modern scientific research continues to reveal that the BodyMind is integrated, intelligent, and vital.  Ancient wisdom practices like Qigong & Tai Chi have developed time-tested systems of self-care in line with this understanding over thousands of years. The IRQTC is dedicated to the scientific application of Qigong & Tai Chi practices as primary treatment modalities in leading edge physical rehabilitation.


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Praise from our clients…

“The amount of knowledge Brian brings on Qigong is phenomenal. The background of Qigong he provided tied together certain eastern philosophies with Western sciences which we are adept to. Brian made it very easy to understand and was very articulate in his teachings.”
Wai Chin, MS

Senior Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Pulmonary Wellness and Rehabilitation Center

“Brian’s message is life giving. Incorporating this into your life will be soul soothing.”

Dr. Shallyn MacDonald PT DPT OCS FAAOMPT

“Brian is an excellent speaker and presenter.  He delivers his message in ways that engages the audience and has them grasp the thoughts or techniques in an experiential way.  I found myself, following his workshop, incorporating concepts he presented in my daily life. Brain is effective in delivering his message and leaves the audience feeling inspired! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear him speak.”

Terry Lynch DPT

Healing to Wellness